As a licensed real estate agent, should a JPM client wish to purchase a next rental property, we team up with select, local real estate agents on your behalf to ensure you find the best, manageable property, at the best value, that attracts quality tenants, and ensures your best interests are protected throughout the purchase and sale period.

Buying Real Estate with JPM

Negotiating the purchase of a rental property comes with its own unique requirements.  Some sellers like to play games and pull "fast ones", especially when existing tenants are included. Crafting and negotiating an offer with terms and conditions specific to rental properties is paramount. 

JPM teams up directly with select, local real estate agents to ensure the next rental property you purchase is sound and meets your specific objectives.

As part of the team, JPM helps filter through all the “For Sales” and identifies only those opportunities matching your specific objectives. We then prepare a detailed analysis report of the opportunity that summarizes the ‘pros and cons’ for your consideration.

During the conditional period, we review lease agreements and request specific documentation to ensure you are buying what is being advertised.  We will advise you when to walk away from a deal as well.

With over 12 years of commercial and investment real estate experience, JPM adds an element to the real estate transaction most brokerages don’t, an experienced, well versed, property manager.

Whether we become your property manager or not, we are along for the whole ride. We know how to negotiate, we know purchase agreements, we know rental properties.

Best of all, there is no cost to you.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist.


Sifting through listings can be the proverbial needle in a haystack.  We take care of that and present you with only opportunities that match you investment criteria.

Many of our Buyer clients are from out of town, so we coordinate virtual tours locally to save you the trip.

Having been involved in multiple successful purchases, we know what to look for. We know that feel when a property is right, and when it is not.

We know the neighbourhoods, we see opportunities others don’t, we know how to crunch the numbers.

our property management firm



Sean Jensen, Broker

ICI Source Real Asset Services Inc., Brokerage


details reports


When a property of interest has been identified, we prepare a detailed analysis of the overall deal and weigh the pro’s and con’s.

We crunch the numbers, discuss current market conditions, and assess the physical and financial asset.

Our detailed reports include property details, maps, photos, financials, projections, and recommendations to aid in your final decision.

We have years of experience representing landlords and first-time property investors.
When it comes to managing your property, finding and keeping your tenants, let us take care of it all.



We work in collaboration with a handful of other trusted, ethical Kingston agents to handle the Realtor responsibilities and documentation. We search for your ideal property based on your criteria, analyze the deal, crunch the numbers, digest and analyze information provided by the realtor and present that to you for a decision. With our experience we will gauge the property, advise when you should invest, request the right information, and follow up with the realtors. We’ll even visit the property and provide you with photos in a detailed report.