Let us effectively manage your lease-up, maintenance, and tenancies. JPM builds strong tenant relationships by applying residential tenancy law in a fair and respectful manner. A well managed property appreciates over time and is a more satisfied experience for everyone.

our property management firm


Jensen Property Management represents new and existing landlords looking to grow their portfolios.

We manage single family residential, student accommodations, condos, and small, multi-unit dwellings.

We specialize in stabilizing distressed tenancies.

We are the affordable alternative. We make this possible by allowing property owners to manage their own finances. Your money does not flow through our accounts. Rents are paid directly to the landlord by the tenant. Third-party services are paid directly by the Landlord.

Our clients are small to medium sized investors and somewhat hands on.  Paying someone else to manage simple financial transactions is not economical and affects the bottom line.

We still ensure rents are paid on time and thar service provider are paid in a timely manner.

property management services


Our firm provides all the services expected from a Property Manager, start to finish.

  • Lease-Up (marketing, tenant screening, showings, applications)
  • Tenancy agreements, forms, notices
  • Coordinate maintenance requests and third party service repairs
  • Routine property/fire safety inspections and reports
  • Rent tracking, rent receipts
  • Important lease dates tracking
  • Tenant relations and mediation
  • Move-in, Move-Out Inspections and Reports
  • Vacant properties - weekly site inspections (insurance requirement)

property management fees


Like any investment, management fees affect the bottom line. The average property management fee in Kingston ranges between 7% and 12% of gross monthly rent. The average ‘lease-up’ fee to secure a tenant is 50% or 100% of one months rent.

As the affordable alternative, our fees are as follows:

  • Monthly Property Management Fees  5.0% gross monthly rent
  • Lease-Up Fees (one-time fees)
    • single-family residential units $500
    • by the room’ units $225
    • sublet, assignment, or lease renewal agreements $95
  • Vacant Property Unit Inspection (residential units) $120/month

*plus HST

We have years of experience representing landlords and first-time property investors.
When it comes to managing your property, finding and keeping quality tenants, let us take care of it all.


“A vacant property is always better than a bad tenant”.

We handle the entire marketing process.

We prepare photos, create an inviting ad, and promote the property across multiple platforms to increase exposure and attract quality tenants.

Interested parties are pre-screened first.  We then offer virtual or in-person showings.

Our application form is thorough and deliberate.  Our vetting process is diligent and ensures the best possible candidates apply.

We will continue to search until a quality tenant is selected for your property.


Once a qualified tenant has been selected, we negotiate and prepare the lease agreement for e-signatures.

To best protect our clients, our lease agreements exceed the Ontario Standard Lease Agreement. We have prepared extensive, custom appendices in consultation with legal professionals while maintaining legislative compliance.

We track and monitor existing lease timelines, renewals, terminations, and rent increases in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.


No Mark-up, No Hidden Fees

We manage all maintenance requests and routine inspections.

Our firm does not mark up services provided by third parties. We coordinate the service and the Landlord is billed directly by the service provider.

Maintenance repairs and costs are then discussed and evaluated with our clients to determine the best actions.

We consistently develop relationships with reliable, local, affordable trades, and service providers to properly maintain every property we manage.


Regular inspections are an integral part of protecting any investment.  Once a year is not enough.

We provide bi-annual unit inspections as well as move-in/move-out inspections, and randomly scheduled inspections.

We provide follow up reports after for each inspection.

Inspections include

  • Visual inspection of the interior and exterior for any damages or general wear and tear
  • Fire safety inspection of smoke/co detector and fire extinguishers
  • Mechanical Appliances / Filters
  • Security of doors, locks, windows


Most insurance providers require regular weekly inspections of any vacant units to ensure the maintenance and security of your assets. While your property is vacant, JPM will complete weekly site visits to inspect for damage, security, and general property maintenance like lawn care.