Jensen Property Management is proud to be a part of the Kingston community. For nearly a decade we have managed properties in the Kingston area and have developed a deep understanding of the local marketplace. 

With combined experience in property management, real estate and the legal process, JPM can guide you through sound investment, stabilize your property, screen for quality tenants, and secure the value of your property by meeting compliance standards.

We identify landlord and tenant needs or concerns, and have developed our service options to foster a successful working relationship for both parties. 


Guidance and Support

Many first-time landlords find themselves in over their heads. Without a deep understanding of the rental process and a firm grasp of the legal details, a potentially lucrative investment property could end up costing more than it’s worth. For those who are looking to stabilize a distressed rental unit or those seeking the perfect investment opportunity, we can help you understand where to invest, handle tenants, prepare lease agreements, manage maintenance requests, and perform property checks and inspections.

Understanding of the Local Market

With Queen’s University, St Lawrence College, and an active military base, Kingston is a unique rental market. With a team that includes licensed real estate agents, we can help maximize your investment, follow all rental cycles, and avoid costly damages or long-term vacancies.

Knowledge of the Landlord and Tenant Board

We have experience in residential tenancy legislation and negotiations at the Landlord and Tenant Board, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that we can diffuse complicated disputes, mediate a beneficial solution for both parties, and reduce the potential for costly litigations.


Our team has more than 12 years in Real Estate experience, primarly in commercial real estate such as Ontario Seniors Housing.

With familiarity working in the City of Kingston’s Social Housing sector, our team has gained invaluable experience settling rent arrears and representing the city at Landlord/Tenant Tribunal hearings, often related to arrears, behaviour, or damages. This environment provided first-hand experience representing housing operators in difficult tenancy scenarios. Having experience as liaison for both the city and the tenant, we have the confidence and the resolve to reach an amicable, fair solution for both parties in even the most difficult circumstances.

By September 2021 or later, we will have members on our team licensed in paralegal property law.